25 Pinterest verticals you need to know about

If you are considering Pinterest as part of your Social Media portfolio and you are not sure whether it would fit your business then read this 25 verticals list:

  1. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories – haute couture to high street for the whole family
  2. Weddings – from wedding dresses & jewellery, to catering and events management
  3. Food – loads of recipes and some new products
  4. Drink – from gluten free beers to specialty wines and champagne
  5. Technology – smartphones, apps to gadgets
  6. Jewellery
  7. Weight management – recipes, diets & tips
  8. Fitness – exercise regimes & clothing
  9. Sports
  10. Cars & Bikes
  11. Beauty – hair & makeup
  12. Outdoors – from camping and trekking gear to picnics in the park
  13. Pets – photo led and some products
  14. Home decorating – lots of ideas and products
  15. Gardening – tips and products
  16. Arts & Crafts
  17. Travel – destinations and accommodation worldwide
  18. Pregnancy & Baby
  19. Toys & Games
  20. Photography
  21. Careers – a bit on the light side
  22. Publishing – pinboards of books to read, favourite authors
  23. Charities
  24. Music & Film
  25. Blogs – business blogs to fashion and celebrity ones

If you are operating in B2B sector and think Pinterest may not be for you…
… read on for the 5 ways on how to use it.

Granted, the B2B sector can be a bit tricky on Pinterest primarily because of the lack of good imagery.

  • Use your existing images: Promote your staff, staff days and awards by creating a “Work and Play in X company” pinboard.
  • Pin your events: Include photos of your customers and your staff in action in workshops and events.
  • Curate content: Pinterest is designed for curated content. You can recommend books, blogs, and influencers to follow in your industry. In this pinboard you can also include your in-house magazine, newsletter and blog.
  • Promote the lifestyle of your brand: Don’t just put a photo of a service, instead what this services means for the lifestyle of your users. There is a pinboard called “Quotes to Live By” is a great place to start promoting the lifestyle of your brand.
  • Use infographics: This is my favourite; visual representations of information fit Pinterest’s concept perfectly. Business processes, industry trends and data, training, thought leadership knowledge, your company’s history, can be turned into an inforgraphic. They are fun to create and encourage sharing.

Finally, 2 NOs to remember when using Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest is not about hard sell. You will be considered a spammer if you do. Instead share and repin great content – and make sure you acknowledge your sources.
  2. Pinterest is not a business directory. Simply sticking some photos on your company and products won’t cut it.

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