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Meet Celia

Celia Rizothanasi
Celia Rizothanasi
Queen Bee of LinkedIn │Get Clients Now! Facilitator
I empower B2B microbusinesses & solopreneurs to get more clients. I help them with practical marketing knowledge, consulting, training and tools.


A bit about Celia

Celia founded Green Heron Square after recently escaping the corporate world. She has over 15 years of experience marketing small sized companies in the B2B sector. Celia firmly believes that inbound marketing is particularly beneficial for independent consultants and coaches and loves educating them on how to transform their marketing and get found on the web. Celia is all about no nonsense marketing services with clear, transparent pricing, and fast and efficient delivery.

Celia`s greatest qualities:

  • Celia loves to share her expertise of inbound marketing and help clients get found on the web.
  • Celia also has wide marketing experience and always looks at a 360-degree view.
  • She is a strong project manager.
  • She is particularly strong at analysis and strategy and knows how to translate these into actionable outcomes.
  • Celia has a sharp eye for detail.
  • She is a devoted wife, daughter and friend.
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    • Professional Status

      Chartered Marketer

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      Emotional Intelligence

    • Core Value

      Give back

    The unusual name for the company was inspired by a news story that broke in November 2010. The green heron’s rare sighting in Cornwall caused ripples of excitement – at least in certain communities. This supreme hunter lives on the other side of the Atlantic and when it visits these shores it reminds us of its clever practices.

    The green heron is one of the very few tool-using birds. No waiting at the water’s edge for food to turn up for this little guy; instead he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. He creates an enticing bait before dropping it onto the surface of the water. And he attracts fish. Nice and easy.

    Anyway, that’s the little story behind the name – which made sense at the time.

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